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Kid Rock - Jackson Mississippi

Kid Rock
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Kid Rock
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  • Kid Rock - Jackson Mississippi
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And when the sunshine showed
Her face I felt like I was ready to die
Went lookin' for a place to hide
A hole I could crawl inside

Long lines, whiskey bottles
And the same old song
I smell death in the air
And I know it won't be long

And I could say, I'm trying to change
But that's just another lie
It's been a day and a half
And I'm still high

And I feel like Jackson, Mississippi
A river runnin'
Like Jackson, Mississippi

A river runnin'
Like Jackson, Mississippi
A river runnin' through my veins

And when the daylight disappeared
I took a good look inside
Behind my pride
I sat down and cried

I know I'm not a fool
But I don't know what's wrong
Maybe it's time to pack
And just move on

And I could say I'm trying to change
But that would just be a lie
I'm lookin' for some one to tell me why

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